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Druskininkai Beauty Spring
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Druskininkai Beauty Spring
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On the banks of the Nemunas River, near the treatment centres and Water Amusement Park, you will discover a trickling Beauty Spring, adorned with a sculpture, depicting two nymphs holding each other by hands and forming an arch. Visitors are busy here: some with photos of themselves and friends, while others are tasting the saltiest water in the SPA town. It’s odd, as a notice warns that this water is for skin only, not for drinking.

Specialists maintain that this water, spouting out from the spring 300 m deep, not only rejuvenates the skin, but also assists in fighting various skin diseases, even psoriasis. Due to its disinfection properties, people use it to treat sore throat as well. One litre of Beauty Spring water contains even 50 g dissolved salt; therefore, it is used in treatment centres for baths or other procedures in pure or mixed form together with other ingredients with healing properties.

Holidaymakers should be aware of the fact that beauty increases not only because of spring waters, but also it depends on how long you are standing by the water and listening to its murmur. You will relax for sure just because you are standing on the high bank of the river and look at the slowly flowing waters. This place reminds of an old legend. Once upon a time, a Duke of Liškiava was hunting in the place, where Druskininkai sits in our days. Successful hunters usually offered falcons as sacrifices to gods. The Duke arrowed the falcon and the bird fell into the Nemunas. The hunter dived down at once in order to pull out the prey and disappeared in the depths of the River. People from the Mansion alongside with the Duchess on the bank decided that the ruler drowned. After some time, this lucky man reached the shore and the falcon with the arrow piercing its chest was on the Duke’s hands. Since then, salty tears of the Duchess have been appearing as salty springs in the places, where she once stood crying.
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Vilniaus al. 11, Druskininkai

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