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Echo of the Woods Forestry Museum
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Echo of the Woods Forestry Museum
© Audrius Mielkus
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Some distance away of M. K. Čiurlionis Street, on the outskirts of Druskininkai, in the impressive three-storey high wooden building, a Forestry Museum is operating. This Museum, alongside with the Park around, not only delivers knowledge, it is a haven for visitors of all ages craving to know more, as there is always something new to look at.

In 1976, Algirdas Valavičius, a forester, put many efforts in this place and founded a stunning museum of forestry, sitting on a hen’s leg. Maybe this idea had been influenced by the tales heard in his childhood… Still the main purpose of his initiative was knowledge of nature to be delivered to people of all ages. Previous visitors remember even today how charismatic A. Valavičius was while telling the tales of woods with mysterious and funny implications… To confirm his stories, a small tamed squirrel used to appear from undercollar of his clothes...

Unfortunately, in 1992, the Museum accidentally burned down. Eventually, a new one was erected in the previous place, featuring threefold increase in the number of exhibits and space for local events, wooden sculptures and interactive screens. Expositions here go beyond stuffed animals, as visitors are attracted by opportunity to look at the real life of animals reflected – in a swamp, among the humps, some birds’ nests are visible, a fox is crouching among the bushes, an almost invisible snake is wriggling... Yes, children are the most curious visitors there. The employees at the Museum give instructions to the children. For example, how to behave if you meet an elk in the woods: if its ears raised, you must run away as fast as you can; yet, if the ears are lowered to the sides, most likely this giant of forests will be peaceful.

The rich collection of sculptures displayed in the Museum and the Park are noteworthy a special description – from a huge moving oak with the popping robbers, installed inside the Museum, to the heroes of "Eglė the Queen of Serpents" tale outdoors. Outside the Museum, next to the sculptures of Eglė’s children Oak, Ash, Birch and Quaking Aspen alongside with their mother Eglė, a real oak-tree, ash-tree, birch-tree and quaking aspen-tree grow. Each year sees increasing number of sculptures, as woodcarvers hold their plain airs in this location, which inspires their imagination.
© Lietuvos kurortai

M. K. Čiurlionio g. 116, Druskininkai

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