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Karolis Dineika Wellness Park
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Karolis Dineika Wellness Park
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Today’s Karolis Dineika Park is the third park established in the same territory.

The Park’s story started in 1923. At that time Druskininkai, like the entire Vilniaus region, was captured by the Polish Army under command of the First Marshal of Poland Józef Pilsudski. So it happened that one day while on holiday in Druskininkai, the Marshal got sick. Then, a charming young Polish woman Eugenia Levicka came up because she was a doctor. Soon, they fell in love with each other, and young doctor took advantage of this affair: in 1924, she established a Wellness Park, which was only the second park of nudes in Europe. Young specialist was sure that health can be obtained through sports. Park attendees were moving in the clothes-free area, as if they were bathing in the sun and seeking tempering by the wind. People remember that three thousand people used to visit the Park every day. Unfortunately, Eugenia Levicka died in 1931; the causes of her death remain unknown, while the Park was destroyed during the War.

In the interwar period, a legendary personality appeared in Lithuania – Karolis Dineika, a sports trainer, a fighter against Bermondt soldiers, a psychologist and founder of the Physical Education Institute in Kaunas. He was the first emphasizing sport’s purpose: sport must be for wellness, not for results. He used to speak about the influence of psychological state of people on their physical health and created a unique system of psychophysical training. He even was called "A Miracle Maker from Druskininkai", although he himself was a humble person and used to stress: "Everything I did in my life was aimed at reduction in numbers of hospitals and sick people". In 1952, on the initiative of K. Dineika, a Park of Healing Physical Activity and Climatic Therapy was founded, while the researcher himself became Head of this institution.

With the lapse of time, this Park was abandoned. It was restored again in 2015. Today, this wonderful spot of nature features laconic naturally looking structures of 21st century, matching perfectly well sports and recreational spaces and even bathing under the Ratnyčėlė falls.
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Sausoji g., Druskininkai

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